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I've never actually been able to do a yearly round up of products - how about that! I went through so much bloody makeup in 2016 it wasn't even funny. There was some products that I didn't get on with, so naturally, they're not featured here (in case you were wondering why I've done some categories and not others!) Some were hits, some were misses, but here I'm gonna chat about the makeup that floated by boat in 2016, and what I'm taking with me (and hoping to try!) in 2017 ....

Foundation - NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc: Could it be anything else, really? I went most of the middle-to-end of the year without actually using this, and my makeup just wasn't right. I thought it was primer, so changed that. Changed concealer. Changed powder. But really, it was just foundation. This is my, oh, probably fifth or sixth bottle of Sheer Glow, and I think it's safe to say at this stage it's a holy grail foundation of mine. I always get tempted by the new thing on the block, but I always, always go back to my trusty and faithful SG.

Concealer - Urban Decay NAKED Skin Concealer: This is a lovely concealer - hydrating, full coverage, and I fell in love. However, the shade I got was awful - too dark, and too yellow. It was the second lightest shade! I was afraid of the super pale colour of the lightest shade, but in hindsight, I should have just got it. I still managed to use it all up, and will be repurchasing in the correct shade very soon indeed!

Eyeshadow Palette - Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette: I had been lusting over this palette for weeks before I finally got my hands on it during a visit to London in July. I dragged my boyfriend right around Selfridges looking for it - it was definitely on my wishlist! I can safely say, for a price tag of only £18, it is definitely worth the price. I've used it pretty much everyday since I purchased it, and I've even hit pan with one of my favourite light shades, 'Sweeter End'. Defining my crease with 'Substitute for Love' and then 'Freshly Toasted' is my everyday makeup routine. My eye definitely is on the Caramel Melange palette next ....

Eyebrows - NYX Micro Brow Pencil in 'Brunette': I picked this up because I heard it was a dupe for the ABH Brow Wiz, and although I can see similarities, I wouldn't say it's as pigmented. I haven't tried ABH, but I wouldn't use the NYX one of it's own. So why is it part of my favourites then? Because it's brilliant at perfecting my brows. I usually use a pomade - either Benefit's Kabrow or NYX's Tame and Frame - and then use the pencil to fill in any gaps the pomade might have missed, or tidy up the edges. It's does a fab job and makes the brow look much more polished. For a fiver, it's a total handbag staple.

Mascara - Charlotte Tibury Full Fat Lashes: Another purchase in London, it was between this and  her new 'Legendary Lashes'. In all the photos in the frankly amazing shop, Legendary Lashes looked like it was clumpy, an intentional clumpy but clumpy nonetheless, so it was Full Fat Lashes I went for (much to the sales assistant's dismay, she was pushing Legendary Lashes harder than a car salesman!) and I fell in love with it's volume, lengthening, and curl. It gave me perfect lashes, everytime, but sadly has just ran dry. If you have any recommendations, send them my way ...

Eyeliner - Kat Von D in Trooper: A repurchase this year, I received this for Christmas 2015 and completely used it dry. Legit I wore it everyday, it was the one thing I couldn't go without! When it dried out I was devastated, and because we could only order it online, I looked out for duplicates and other formulas. Went through a few, nothing compared, order another one, fell in love all over again. Keepin' my wings on fleek for 2017.

Highlighter - Sleek Highlight Palette in 'Solstice': One of the best purchases of 2016, by a mile. While I'm still lusting over that BECCA in Moonstone, this is quite happily filling the void in the meantime. It gives the most gorgeous sheen - although you have to be quite light handed or it can be like a strip of glitter across your cheekbones! Upgrading to Moonstone is my goal for next year, but Solstice has definitely earn it's place in my everyday makeup bag until that purchase is made.

Lipstick - MAC 'Syrup': Another repurchase, I don't think I'll ever stop with this lipstick. Much like with Sheer Glow, I think Syrup is just 'my' lipstick, the one I'll always turn to, my holy grail. My boyfriend actually bought me this replacement in July, cos he liked it that much. Top boyfriend points, but also, kudos to the lipstick for actually making him take notice! It's a warm, dusky pink on the lips, and the Cremesheen finish keeps your lips moisturised all day. Score.

Liquid Lipstick - NYX Lipstick Lingerie in 'Bedroom Flirt': If you didn't purchase a liquid lipstick on 2016, were you even on the planet? It seemed like they certainly had their moment and I got swept up in all the madness. I didn't quite cave and buy a Kylie Lip Kit (although I was very tempted to several times) but I did buy this dupe for Candy K, and although a tad drying, it became a staple of mine throughout the year for a look that looked like I'd made an actual effort! And, for the price - a brilliant £6.50 - it was a steal, and definitely one that you should pick up.

What were your makeup faves for 2016?

Abbie x

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